We help you create financial freedom by developing quality homes in desirable locations that people want to live in.


Become an ‘armchair developer’ by investing in our projects. Sit back and relax while we manage the development from start to finish and you receive an excellent return on investment at the end of the project.

Investor’s funds could come from their savings account (lazy money put to work), equity in their home/investment property by way of a Line of Credit (LOC) or redrawn facility or even a Self Managed Super Fund.

We provide investment options for all levels of risk appetite.

Joint Venture
Equity Partner

Our joint venture partners contribute the equity required to acquire the site & secure build finance, typically 25-35% of the total development cost. The bank or a financial institute provides the other 65-75% of funds required.

We take care of the rest, including finding & securing the site, design, development application, project management, marketing & sales.

Unlike a loan partner, our equity partners are on the title and bank loan & receive a share of the development profit (typically 50%), so ROI is variable depending on the success of the development and you get exposure to the upside.

Loan Partner

Our loan partners do exactly that, loan money to progress a project in a more predictable and secure way. Loans are secured by a second mortgage over the property, caveat or personal guarantee.

Loan partners can come in at any stage of the project;

  • At the beginning by providing the required equity to secure the site
  • In the middle to top up equity for build finance
  • Towards the end of the project to free up capital for our next project

As a loan partner you’ll receive a fixed rate return on your money, this can range from 10-25%pa depending on the security offered and term of the loan.

Joint Venture With Land Owners

Our joint venture landowner partners become part of the development project by contributing developable land while leveraging our knowledge and skill set to sit back while we take care of the hard stuff! Design, development application, securing finance, project management, construction management, marketing & sales.

At the end of the project our landowner JV partners can choose to keep a property/s, e.g. one luxury duplex unit, valued at a lot more than their existing property, or sell the property and share in the profit, maximising the cash they walk away with (much better than selling their property to a developer to make all the profit!)


Visually stunning. Easy living. Blue chip locations.



We specialize in boutique, high end property developments that stand out in premium blue chip coastal suburbs across SEQ.


Coming from a sporting background and having built our own businesses, we understand that nothing great happens by working alone.

Dylan Pinkstone

Dylan has grown Coastal Connect Electrical, a residential and commercial electrical company, from sole trader 8 years ago to now managing upwards of 20 staff members and being one of the leading electrical companies on the Sunshine Coast. With that comes a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships in the building & construction space. Dylan specializes in feasibility studies and project management through the design and construction phase.

Nick Fitzpatrick

Having built a national coaching organization and brand from the ground up in the sporting industry, Nick’s expertise lies in research, relationship building, negotiation, sales & marketing. Nick plays a leading role at the front and back end of our developments. Finding & securing sites and then working with agents to market and sell the end product to achieve the best result possible for our investors.


Design Partners - DCM Building Design

Our national award winning designers are experts in getting the most out of each site while paying meticulous attention to creating visually stunning designs and spacious, open layouts that make for easy living.

Planning Partners - Adams & Sparkes Town Planning

Originally established in 2008, Adams & Sparkes know our patch like the back of their hand! Experienced in residential, commercial, retail, mixed use, industrial, mining and infrastructure projects. Management of development applications on a variety of scales for both public and private sector clients.

coraldev logo 2

Project Advisor - Bob Andersen

A member of a select group of Australian property developers who has been involved in over $1 billion in successful development projects over the last three decades.


Each development strategy has its own complexities but we break it down into 13 steps. Below we lay out these steps in a simple, easy to follow process but we would like to highlight that, for the inexperienced, it’s a very daunting process and has many ‘tripwires’ that can bring you unstuck.


Research and Find Site

A time consuming & challenging process which is sped up by our deep understanding of the town planning scheme and hidden ‘gremlins’ to look out for. We leverage relationships with agents & cutting edge technology to find and secure the best on and off-market sites.

Initial Due Diligence

We use our refined checklist to determine whether sites are developable with accuracy and speed. We then run an advanced feasibility study to determine whether the site will be profitable. Knowing what to look for saves time & money on going further with undevelopable sites.


Secure Site

Once a site passes the initial due diligence checklist and shows a profitable feasibility study, this is when negotiation starts with agents &/or vendors. As site acquisition generally makes up 25-35% of the total development cost, a great entry sets the project up for success.


Advanced Due Diligence

This is when we engage professionals such as architects, civil engineers & town planners to carry out more detailed research and analysis using their years of experience in their field of expertise.


Settle on Site

An exciting step in the process, this is when we turn our attention towards preparing everything required for the development application.



A critical step in the process towards achieving excellent sales outcomes. In conjunction with our award winning design partners, we aim to deliver visually stunning designs with easy living layouts that stand out in the market.


Development Application

In conjunction with CORAL, our professional team of partners in design, town planning, surveying, civil engineering prepare the necessary plans, reports and documents to submit to council for approval to develop the property.


Marketing & Presales

If our lending partner requires a percentage of the end product to be sold prior to construction commencing, this begins as soon as the DA is received.


Building Approval

Once the development is approved by council, the engineers step in to fine tune the plans from the designer or architect, in preparation for a building approval and construction tender.


Tender Construction

We have strong relationships with quality builders in each area we work in so this process is sped up. Building approval plans are sent to builders for a quote.


Build Finance

Funding from banks or a financial institution is sourced for the construction phase. Depending on the size of the project this can be through a retail bank or a commercial, non-bank institution. This is where the strength and accuracy of our feasibility studies becomes really important.


Construction Management

With months of research, planning and preparation, now is the time to see the project ‘break dirt’ and come to life. We oversee the project build alongside the contracted builder.


Sell & Settle

This is our favorite stage! Once construction is complete it’s time to stage, market and sell to get the best possible outcome for ourselves and investors. Finance is paid off, then investors and finally the developer.